Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cold weather already setting in

I just found out, from a skater colleague at Gazele's Falafel, that the DunBat skatepark was going to close up for the winter in a few days. The weather here has been pretty rainy and cold, so I suppose this is the sign that the "Toronto" skate season is coming to an end. 
I still want to go back to the new Ashbridge's Bay park. When I went there for the first time last month, it started raining after 20 minutes! Pretty disappointing.
So what is an aging skateboarding like myself supposed to do when the weather is crap? Where am I going to huck my old, uncoordinated body down some stairs? Where am I going to be the laughing stock of all 16 year olds?
Two words: Skate It! "Skate It!" is the Nintendo Wii's flagship skateboard game. I played it last winter intensely for about 3 months. I never left my couch. I developed a weird muscle strain in my right shoulder from twisting my arm in a weird way to mimic ollies and kickflips with the Wii remote--but it was all worth it! I was a superstar pro skater in the world of Skate It! My Mii was able to effortlessly do 50 ft. grinds down 25 stair handrails with a 360 flip out at the end! It was a dream come true! And unlike other consoles, moving the Wii remote to do tricks was much more fun than stabbing a few buttons on the conventional controllers from other game consoles! Whoa. Ok. This post is slowly turning into a gaming review! But who cares! It's cold outside. And I'm as good as Chris Haslam in my world of Skate it.

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